Two Of A Kind: Basset Hounds

Two Basset Hounds looking to the left with the cutest eyes that are almost saying please may I. … [Continue Reading]

Two of A Kind copy

Borzoi: Nose To Nose

Two Borzoi, Russian Wolfhounds, looking at each other with there noses almost touching. … [Continue Reading]


Cocker Spaniels: Reflections of the Day

Drawing of a Cocker Spaniel sleeping against a mirror.   One gets to see two different angles of this dog. … [Continue Reading]

Cocker Spaniel - Reflections of the Day

Slumbering Grace

Fun drawing of an American Staffordshire Terrier sleeping with its mouth open.  You almost feel as if this dog might be snoring. … [Continue Reading]


Siamese Cat: Stretched Out

Pastel Drawing of a Siamese cat stretched out relaxing leisurely. … [Continue Reading]

Siamese Cat Art Stretched Out

Whisker To Whisker

Pastel Drawing of a cat and dog who appear to live in close harmony.     … [Continue Reading]

Cat and Dog

Puppy Bliss

A pastel drawing of a adorable Basset Hound puppy sleeping contently. … [Continue Reading]


Welcome to Cori’s Pawtraits where you will see all things in animal art by Cori Solomon

My pet portraits are typically created with pastels although I have created pet portraits in acrylics and in a hand pulled print format, Monotypes. If you are looking for dog portraits or cat portraits you have found the right place.

Each pet portrait is an artistic rendering of your pet. I specialize in dogs, cats, horses, other animals, wildlife and birds.

Pet portraits known as “Pawtraits” are created from a photo of your pet. I prefer receiving a selection of photographs of your cat, dog or pet so that I may choose the photo that creatively inspires me. Prices for an unframed pastel pet portrait drawing are negotiated on an individual basis depending upon the size of the drawing and the number of pets included. Please call or email for a quote.  You can also check out Cori’s latest artworks by visiting her blog: Cori’s

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